Texans Vote on Their Water Future Today
Proposition 6 would fund $50 billion of future water projects =======================================

Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus is hoping voters will say "yes" to Proposition 6, a water plan for a drought struck state.

"Proposition 6 is a one time investment
of $2 billion dollars from our state savings account to establish a revolving fund to address $50 billion in water projects over the next 50 years."

He says the plan has the backing of a wide variety of supporters from business leaders to farmers to conservationists.

"Leaders in the business community, conservation groups, heavy industry, manufacturers ... even the Sierra Club."

He says we have had rain but rain isn't
something a drought struck state
should count on.

"As the population continues to grow, we need to implement the state water plan that has been in existance for decades."

He says taking money from the savings
account will avoid a tax increase
to pay for upcoming water projects.