The big issue of 2014 is likely to be the controversial downtown streetcar project, and the issue has already been raised, and it's still 2013.


  City Councilman Carlton Soules today refused to vote for three nominees for the Via Metro Transit Board of Directors, because all three, two existing members who are being reappointed and one new member, all say they support the streetcar.


  "The large percentage of residents in District Ten are adamantly opposed to that," Soules said of the streetcar plan.  "So I cannot in good conscience support these nominees."


  The nominees were approved despite Soules' opposition.


  Soules today officially resigned from City Council to run for County Judge, even though Soules will remain on council until his appointment is selected on January 30.


  Soules has already said he plans to make the streetcar, and incumbent County Judge Nelson Wolff's support for the streetcar, a centerpiece of his campaign.