Some 50 million mourning doves are preparing to fly into the range of Texas hunters, as the state's annual dove hunting season begins on Sunday, 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez reports.


  Texas dove season is one of the largest participatory sports in the country, as as many as 300,000 hunters will hit the blinds for the seven week season.


  Steve Lightfoot of Texas Parks and Wildlife says everything is pointing to a good dove season.


  "We're getting good reports from the field," Lightfoot said.  "Lots of migration of white wings from the city out into the fields and a lot of native food sources for them to feed on.  Everything is shaping up to be a good season."


  The mourning dove season opens September First in the northern three quarters of the state, what are called the Central and North Zones.  The south zone, where doves are more scarce, won't begin its season until later this summer.


 Lightfoot says there is one major change in the rules this season.


  "Hunters are allowed to possess for the first time this year three times the daily bag limit (of 15)," Lightfoot said. "That means you can keep up to 45 birds in your possession."


  The season ends in late October.