A student at San Antonio Stevens High School is in big trouble after he got high on campus....literally.


  Pascual Gonzalez of the Northside ISD tells 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez that the 14 year old freshman at Stevens climbed up onto the roof of the school before classes began this morning.


  "The student who was up there was identified as a 14 year old freshman male at the school,” Gonzalez said.  "At no time did he indicate that he was any threat to anybody at the school, or that he planned to take his own life."


  But the school had to be locked down for two hours due to the unusual nature of the incident.


  "About 10:15 this morning he was safely brought down," Gonzalez said.  "He was charged with criminal mischief and false alarm."


  Nobody else was hurt or was in any danger.  Gonzalez didn't say why the student climbed to the roof of the school.  Today is the last day of class before the long Christmas break.