She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not ...
Researchers say the worst relationships
are of the cyclical kind

Scientists call those couples who break up and
reunite, for years or decades, engaged in a
"cyclical relationship" which love counselors
say carry the most drama.

Researchers at the University of Kansas
studied couples who repeatedly
broke up and
reunited. They
found that those couples suffered poor
lower self esteem and more anxiety
about the future.

Dallas love couch Jennifer
Styers says so called
cyclical relationships reflect society's increasing
fear of commitment ... to just about anything.

"It paralyzes people to the point where
they get close and then they back off.
Which, hence, is what I think that the
cycle is."

Styers says people become
reluctant to walk
away forever losing their investment
of time.

"You get close but then too close
and then someone backs off
and then because of the backing
off they get into a comfortable
space and they are able
to enter back in and then the same
cycle happens
over and over."

In an age of insecurity, Styers says the last
thing singles need is insecurity in
what is supposed to be a source of security.

"Cycling like that is very unhealthy
and it probably messes with
people's minds more than a
bad relationship in general," she says.