There’s a growing trend in the business world, and it’s e-commerce subscription boxes.

      Think of monthly magazine subscriptions but instead a monthly box delivered to your door, filled with products tailored to your liking.  Brent Taylor, says he and his wife chose to subscribe to Birchbox, a company that primarily sends health and beauty products.

      “It's not worth the money we both pay every month,” Taylor said. “ I did notice that it's exciting to my wife because it gave her something to look forward to opening every month.”

      One of the reason they’re so popular is because they are tailored to any liking, from a box full of baby necessities for a mom-to-be, or for an avid foodie wanting different bar-b-que sauces every month.

      “Honestly I wasn’t as convinced as I could have been,” Taylor said. “All the boxes just seem to be random… they're all dumb just stuff that you would use only once just to try them out.”

      While e-commerce subscription boxes are growing, they’re becoming increasingly popular amongst women.

      Megan Stout says she opted for a monthly box as a way to reward herself regularly and do something for herself.  

      “I just wanted something for me,” she said. “I am interested in beauty products and instead of spending money on full size products I got to try several different ones without spending a whole lot of money… I love getting them.”

      Jeff Thames says he and his wife signed up for healthy snacks every month, and he said it was a good experience but not what he expected.

      “I paid about 30 dollars a month,” Thames said. “At first we were very excited and then honestly I started to feel like we were getting smaller portions…. I think the product lost its value over time.”