The Planned Parenthood Foundation of America today asked the U.S. Supreme Court for an emergency order blocking the enforcement of a state law that has forced one third of the abortion clinics in the state to stop performing the procedure, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  In a filing today, the group says 'more than a third' of the clinics in Texas have stopped performing abortions after the law requiring all abortion clinics to have a physician on duty who has admitting privileges at a hospital within thirty miles was allowed by an appeals court to take effect on Friday.


  Pro choice activist Jody Jacobsen says supporters of the law say it is written to protect women, but the true reason behind the law is different...and unconstitutional.


  "To eliminate early and safe abortions by making women go through so many hoops that they can't possible access it," she said.  "This is to make it so women primarily in rural areas and outside large cities have trouble gaining access."


  The three judge appeals court panel already said that a so called 'En Banc' hearing of the full court would take place in January, and a trial court in Austin still has to consider the merits of the law at trial.


  The filing was addressed to Justice Antonin Scalia, who oversees emergency matters from Texas.  Scalia is the most socially conservative justice on the court.