Got him!

  San Antonio Police late Friday arrested Isidro Espinosa-Solis, 39, the man charged with running over and killing a nine year old girl on the city’s  north side on Wednesday, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  The break in the case was the discovery early Friday of the pickup that officers say Espinosa-Solis was driving when he ran over Tatyana Babineaux as she dashed across Braesview Drive on her way to school Wednesday morning.

  Acting on tips from citizens and description from citizens of the vehicle which ran over the girl and then sped away, officers early Friday located the pickup stashed behind a home on the city’s south side.

  Officers were then able to trace the registration records on the truck, and that led them to Espinosa-Solis, and police confirmed late Friday that he was in custody.

  Espinosa-Solis is expected to face felony charges of failure to stop and render air, and he could be charged with vehicular manslaughter.