Students and teachers at Olympia Elementary in Universal City chopped off their hair in support of their principal, Terri LeBleu who is battling breast cancer.

Kristian Saunders, a fourth grade teacher at the school and of one of the teachers who donated her hair said it took on a whole new meaning once they realized a fellow had also recently been diagnosed with cancer.


“We've been growing our hair out for 12 months now and on Saturday we found out that one of our fourth graders was diagnosed with bone cancer,” she said. “To have a child, one of our own have to deal with that too, was just heartbreaking to hear.”


Saunders along with six other teachers and several students cut off more than 10-inches each for various hair and wig organizations devoted to helping cancer patients going through treatment.

“A teacher is like a position between a friend and parent…. it's that area where you total love these kids and you want to do  whatever you can to support them,” Saunders said. “Donating and raising money is a big deal but I want these kids to see that you give back so much more than that.”


After having grown out their hair all of last school year, Saunders said her and several of the other teachers donating we very anxious about chopping it all off.


 “I was very nervous about cutting my hair until i went to visit [the student] in the hospital,” Saunders said. “He told me ‘Mrs. Saunders what are you worried about? You're going to be beautiful no matter what’... and I was like done…. shave it, I don't care anymore.”


 “We want the two of them to know that we support them and they are not battling cancer alone, but together, with everyone here at this school.”