Ten people have been hospitalized with injuries suffered in an escalator malfunction at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Convention facilities spokeswoman Andrea DeLaune says an escalator in Hall D suddenly shut off.


  “There have been several people being treated for injuries on site, they are receiving medical attention,” DeLaune said.  “Ten people were transported to the hospital, and in addition there were five people who refused treatment.”


  DeLaune says the individuals fell tumbled down the escalator when it suddenly came to a stop.


  An entire fleet of fire units descending on the scene.


  The Convention Center web site says the Dish Network Corporation Annual Team Summit is underway in Hall D, DeLaune says most of those injured were attending the convention.


  None of the injuries is believed to be life threatening.


  Hall D is the furtherest large meeting hall in the new portion of the Convention Center, across the street from the Tower of the Americas.


  “The escalator suddenly shut off and there were a number of people on it, and when it stopped they were jarred and they fell down the escalator,” DeLaune said.


  The escalator has been shut down.