In the twenties and thirties, if you could make it in New York City, you could make it anywhere.  In the fifties and sixties, it was California Dreamin', as Americans flocked to the west coast to make a new start.  But in the 2000s and 2010s, it is immensely clear that today, Texas is the stuff that dreams are made of.


  A new study by the National Association of Realtors shows that Texas is again leading the nation in the net influx of families who are coming here from other states, and Bexar County is #1 in Texas, and #4 in the entire country, in the net influx of families, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "Job growth, across our state has been strong for many years now," said Stacy Armijo of the Texas Association of Realtors, which released the report.  "The energy sector is driving much of that, but there are many other job growth factors at work as well."


  Bexar County showed a net gain of 5601 households, as measured in the number of families moving to Bexar country minus the number of families moving out, making Bexar County tops in the state by a fairly wide margin in net gain of households in the 2013 Relocation Report, which generally uses data from 2010.


  Other counties, most notably Harris and Dallas Counties, saw more people moving in than Bexar County, but they had more families moving out, leading to a lower net gain in households.


  Comal County also ranked Number 14 in overall net gain of households with 1,138.


  Statewide, Texas saw a net gain of 10,326 more households moving to Texas than Texans moving to other states, and six Texas counties ranked in the top 20 counties in the U.S. for net inflow of households.


  "More people moving to Texas than moving out of Texas, so I think it tells us that demand continues to be strong for Texas real estate," Armijo said.

  San Antonio was also recently ranked as the number five destination in the nation for movers by U-Haul.

   56% of the new Bexar County residents moved here from other places in Texas.  Harris County is number one, followed by Guadalupe, Travis, and Nueces Counties.

   Williamson County, north of Austin, is number one in the state for the number of new residents who moved there from out of state, followed by Bell County, which is Ft. Hood, and Montgomery County in suburban Houston.

   Where are people coming from.  The number one county that people left, by far, to move to Texas is Los Angeles County.  Cook County, which is Chicago, is number two, followed by New York City, Phoenix, San Diego, and Orange County in suburban Los Angeles.