The Texas Public Policy Foundation, the Libertarian think tank founded by San Antonio businessman and conservative activist James Leininger, said today it is suing the Internal Revenue Service for releasing information about it's donors to the public.


  "Make no mistake, thought we seek recompense from the IRS for the very real harm done, this isn't about simple compensation," TPPF President Brooks Rollins said.  "The IRS abuse of power is a symptom of a federal government that is out of control and essentially unhindered in the exercise of it's power.  We can have a vigorous federal government that reaches into our individual lives and homes, or we can have a free country, but we can't have both."


  The TPPF, which researchers issues ranging from taxation to immigration and provides reports to lawmakers, opinion makers, editors, and the public, says it first learned last year that its donor list had been released by the IRS.


 Rollins says that release violates the U.S. Supreme Court's 1958 ruling in NAACP vs. Alabama, which held that the release of donor information by government agencies is illegal.


  Rollins says the TPPF will join with a lawsuit already filed against the IRS in the federal court in the Cincinnati District of Ohio.