Now that the Affordable Care Act is law, local doctors want you to know how it can help you gain health insurance.

So the Texas Medical Association created, a step by step information portal where people can log on and get some basic answers, instead of all of the political arguing.

"As that marketplace evolves and we see what is happening, it is an attempt by the TMA to reach out to our member physicians and the patients that they care for," says TMA president Stephen Brotherton, M.D.

So much political bickering has been going on over the ACA, few know how to access what the law will offer them.

"So our job is to take care of our patients so at the TMA level we need to take care of our doctors so we want to get information out there and make it available," says Brotherton.

The ACA is largely for people without insurance. Those with coverage from their job aren't affected.