Texas gets low marks when it comes to our health.


  1200 WOAI news reports America’s Health Rankings list Texas as the 36th healthiest state in the country, down one notch from 35th last year.


  The state gets low marks for a high level of physical activity, with 27% of adults in Texas reporting being ‘physically inactive,’ compared to 22% of adults nationwide.


  Texas’ high level of adult obesity also is a problem.  29.2% of Texas adults are listed as obese, compared to 27.6% nationally.


  The state is also hit by low high school graduation rates.  The higher your level of education, the healthier you generally are.


  Texas does score well on a decrease in the prevalence of binge drinking, a 40% decrease in the past two years in violent crime, and a lower percentage of Texans smoke.  18.2% of us are smokers, compared to 19.8% nationally.


  Texas also has a lower rate of drug related deaths, a lower than average rate of cancer deaths, and generally better mental health than the rest of America.


  Hawaii is the nation’s healthiest state, followed by Vermont, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.  Mississippi is the least healthy, followed by Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and West Virginia.