Thousands of Texans who have managed to log onto Obamacare's balky web site and actually sign up for health insurance are getting another shock.


  1200 WOAI news reports many are finding that the health plan that they can afford does not include their doctor.


  The Texas Medical Association says some health care providers have dropped doctors, specialists, and even entire practices and hospitals from their in-network plans sold on Obamacare, a move that TMA President Dr. Stephen Brotherton finds disheartening and counter productive.


  "People who have a primary care doctor have a tendency to live longer, live safer, live better, live more healthy," he said.


  Brotherton points out that in dozens of Texas counties, only one health care provider is making policies available under Obamacare.  And if that plan excludes your doctor, there is not a lot you can do.


  Brotherton says the TMA and other groups have been worried that this might be another unexpected side effect of Obamacare, and the federalization of health care.


  "It has come to light," he said.  "I don't know that those of us in organized medicine who have been monitoring this find this completely unexpected."


  If your doctor is not a network provider under the only Obamacare plan you can afford, or, in many cases, under the only plan that is available in your area, you can either pay cash to see the doctor, and many doctors are offering cash plans for patients, or you will have to find another doctor.


  Brotherton says it is another failure of an effort to have the federal government force its way into the health care system.


  He says had Congress really wanted to expand access to health care, there is a very good, very workable model that they could have turned to.


  "The best seen for care in low income people that I have seen in my years as a physician has not come out of the public market, it has come out of the private market, and that's the $4 WalMart card."


  Brotherton says the decision by WalMart to use its immense purchasing power and its unique ability to affect markets to make thousands of prescription drugs available to card holders for $4 has gotten more low income Americans into the affordable health care system than the so called 'Affordable Care Act,' with its $1 trillion price tag, will ever be able to accomplish.


  As for what to do if you find your family doctor is no longer available to you under Obamacare, Brotherton advises 'scream like hell!'