Governor Perry was on hand in Fredericksburg today to help the Former Texas Rangers Foundation break ground for their long-planned Heritage Center, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The center, which will be operated by former Rangers and their families, will tell the amazing story of 190 years of the most famous law enforcement agency in the world. 


  "To this day, nothing chills the heart of a wrongdoer more than the phrase, 'the Rangers are looking for you'." Perry said.


  Joe Davis, a retired Ranger and President of the Foundation, says the group has been working for 14 years to come up with the land and the money to open the Heritage Center, which he says will 'help bring to life the living legacy of the Texas Rangers.'


  "The Alamo is the enduring symbol of Texas, and the Ranger is the enduring symbol of it's people," Davis said.


  He says it is appropriate that the Heritage Center be located in Gillespie County because the county is named for Ad Gillespie, a Texas Ranger who was killed in the Mexican War.


  The Texas Rangers were formed in 1823 by Stephen F. Austin, who recruited ten men to protect the settlers who were then moving into the sparsely populated area of Northern Mexico.


  "To this day, that badge, that Texas Ranger badge stands for professionalism, for excellence, for determination," Perry said.


  The Cinco Peso was everywhere at this morning's event, as current and former Rangers discussed plans for the center.  Many quoted former Ranger Jerome Preiss:


  "The past is our heritage, the present is our duty, the future is our responsibility."