Texas ranks third in the United States for lightening claims last year, behind only Louisiana and Georgia.

      State Farm spokeswoman, Patti Kelly, said lightning is a bigger issue than people realize.

      Texas was third in the U.S. with 1,825 lightening caused claims in 2012,” she said. “That resulted in over $17.6 million dollars worth of damages.”

     Spring and summer are the times of year when lightning is most frequent and it’s important that families have their homes prepared, Kelly said.

      “It's important to have a whole house surge protector that will really reduce your risk of damage or fire that's caused by lightning,” she continued. “You may also want to consider installing additional protection for expensive electronic equipment.”

      Things like plasma, high definition TVs, computers, smart phones and gaming systems are all expensive devices people have in their homes and their also the devices that are destroyed by lightning if it does hit your home, Kelly said.

      “Lightning is sort of underrated, I think people aren't aware of the dangers associated with it,” Kelly said. “It's actually the second leading cause of storm related death in the U.S. it’s exceed only by flooding.”