The state of Texas is the latest to file a federal lawsuit demanding BP America reimburse the state for damages from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil spill, 1200 news reports.

  Attorney General Greg Abbott says Texas worked for two years to reach an agreement with BP over the extent of the damage to the state’s coastline and coastal fisheries, tourism industry, and coastal industries due to the spill, but has been ’unable to fully resolve claims related to the disaster.’

  The lawsuit seeks unspecified monetary damages to mitigate and offset natural resource damages in Texas.

  “Specifically, Texas is seeking civil penalties for every day of oil discharge and for every barrel of oil that was discharged,” Abbott said.  “In addition, Texas is looking for lost sales tax, state hotel occupancy tax and mixed beverage tax revenue, as well as revenue lost from state park entrance, facility, activity and concession fees, and damages to natural resources, including wildlife and coastal ecosystems and habitats caused by the released oil and chemical dispersants.”

  The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Beaumont.  Abbott says it does not affect previous civil and criminal agreements by BP and Transocean.