Even without a professional sports team calling it home, the Alamodome continues to be a net gain to the local economy, according to new study released today.


  The study coincides with this week's 20th anniversary of the opening of the Alamodome, which opened with much fanfare on Mary 15, 1993.


  The Alamodome generated $1.7 billion for the local economy over the past decade, according to the study by Dr. Steve Niven of the Saber Research Institute.


  That includes  $116 million in state and local taxes, and $570 million in wages for Alamodome workers.


  "Through it's ability to host numerous events and activities, the Alamodome registered a substantial economic impact from 2003 through 2012," City Manager Sheryl Sculley said.  "This one faculty accounts for a sizeable portion of the overall impact of the entire hospitality industry."


  The Alamodome never attracted an NFL team to San Antonio, and many hoped it would, and the San Antonio Spurs left the dome for the AT&T  Center in 2003.


  But the report says a steady diet of large conventions, monster truck shows, Home and Garden Shows, and other events, as well as the occasional major concert, sporting event, and monster truck show, continues to keep the dome in the black.


  Sculley says many events which San Antonio has come to love, like the Alamo Bowl, would not have existed at all were it not for the Alamodome.  She also points out the major NCAA basketball tournament events, UTSA football, and this year's well attended  Major League Weekend events help make the Alamodome an indispensible part of San Antonio.


  But there is no doubt that time has passed the Alamodome by.  The city has been unable to attract another NCAA Final Four after the last event in 2008, largely due to new amenities being offered in stadiums like the Reliant Stadium in Houston and Cowboy Stadium in Arlington.


   City officials have discussed several proposals to update the Alamodome, but, except for a move last month to wire the facility for WiFi, none has panned out.