Today and the coming several weeks will be the busiest time of the year at local gyms and fitness facilities, as people set out to fulfill a New Year's resolution to lose weight, 1200 WOAI's Michael Board reports.


  "New to the gym, new to health and wellness, it can be kind of intimidating," Laura Waldrum of the San Antonio YMCA said.


  "This is a very busy day for us, we have a lot of people coming in who need to fulfill their New Years resolution."


  While many of the new YMCA, gym, and health club visitors will drop by the wayside in the coming weeks, Waldrum says this is an exciting time.


  "There is a positive vibe," she says.  "There is definitely a lot of people who are thinking about fulfilling New Years resolutions."

  And many of the people who do fall by the wayside this year won't give up.  Many will be back on New Years Day of 2015, to try it all again.