A San Antonio AIDS patient, who was caught by the feds watching child pornography while wearing only a red thong, has been sentenced to 12 years in federal prison.

Carlos Sanchez, 51, was high on cocaine and marijuana during the bust, when he also admitted to federal agents that would visit city parks, trolling for male sexual partners, spreading his disease.

"He's not just a danger to kids," Assistant US Attorney Tracy Thompson argued, "He's a danger to the whole community."

She told the judge that Sanchez would use web chatrooms that are designed for teenagers, and pretend to be the victims in his kiddie porn collection when he solicited other men for sex.

Also sentenced in federal court for the distribution of child pornography this week was Travis Barr of San Antonio.  He was given a sentenced of 12 years as well.

Federal prosecutors say his collection of perverted pictures mostly involved the sexual assault of infants and babies.

"That's the danger to society," Thompson argued, saying that, to fuel Barr's sexual desire, an increasing number of children were harmed.