Three people are under arrest after the FBI broke up a child sex trafficking ring which was operating out of a Motel 6 on Rittiman Road in northeast San Antonio, 1200 WOAI's Michael Board has learned.


  The woman and two men are set to go before a federal judge for a bail hearing tomorrow.


  According to a criminal complaint obtained by 1200 WOAI news, San Antonio police discovered the operation when one of two 15 year old girls who were listed as missing persons were traced to the motel.


  "During the initial interview one of the juvenile females made an outcry that she was sexually assaulted, beaten, and prostituted by one of the suspects and several of his adult friends," the complaint says.


  The two girls, both runaways, told the FBI they met one of the suspects, Marcus Wright, at a bus stop last month.


 "She stated Wright approached her and began telling her that he could show her a way to make a lot of money," the girl told the FBI.  "They exchanged phone numbers and they agreed to meet the next day."


  Wright then allegedly took the girl to a motel room in Windcrest, the complaint claims.


  "When the girl and Wright entered the motel room, Wright told Amber Doak, another suspect, and another adult female to explain to the girl the requirements and practices of an escort," the complaint states.


  Wright then allegedly posted her pictures on a web site called, listing her services as an 'escort, more commonly known as a prostitute.'


  When the two adult females left the room, Wright sexually assaulted the girl, according to the complaint.


  Wright then 'set the girls up with potential dates with the 'Johns' or 'tricks' (persons who request sexual intercourse and to have various sex acts performed in exchange for money) using his cell phone," according to the complaint. 


  The girls were taken to 'motels and residential homes' where they engaged in sexual activity, and the three adults named as suspects in this case took all her money.


  Wright, Doak, and Malcom Copeland are all charged with sex trafficking of a minor, and face up to ten years in prison if convicted, the FBI federal complaint says.