TSA is giving students a leg up in the world. Professor Mansour El-Kikhia, PhD, says this fall they're offering a new B.A. in specifically global affairs.

El-Kikhia is one of the most respected professors of international studies in the United States.  The native of Luibya heads the Department of Political Science and Geography at UTSA and at one point was considered to be a candidate for President of Libya.

"To inform our students about the world and we need to provide them opportunities to participate in developing a world system."

The Global Affairs B.A. will offer a second language to enhance the degree allowing students to look for a job not in the job troubled US but the world over.

"Our fate is in the hands of some other countries in the world and it's about time that we know what we are dealing with, we are involved in global affairs and that we know how others think."

The degree also offers a semester abroad.

"We have set up agreements with universities across the globe with Latin America, with Libya, with Egypt and Malaysia and Germany," he says.