How Do Airfares Look this Fall/Winter?
Higher if you didn't book way in advance ===========================

It's low season so airfares should be lower, right?
Well, as usual, that depends when during the fall and winter that you are flying.
Stephanie Fleming is with Rennert Travel Leaders.

"Right around the holidays, a few weeks before and after, they are higher because of capacity. Seats are selling out so the prices jump up."

So airlines charge the highest prices right around Thanksgiving and Christmas when people must travel.

Who are the people who got some of the best fares.

"For the holiday season, we recommend 4 to 6 months in advance."

That's right. 4 to 6 months in advance
the early birds getting the best

So for Christmas, you should have booked those flights this summer.

"But as we get closer to the holiday season, the fares definitelygo upward," says Fleming. So booking now is your best bet.