Groups like Progress Texas, with their frequently repeated vow to 'Turn Texas Blue' are getting a lot of attention, but they have also sparked the creation of another group, the brainchild of a 22 year old San Antonio Republican.  His goal is to turn reliably Democratic Bexar County 'Red.'


  A lot of people in Bexar County are Republican, are conservative," said Justin Clark, who founded the on line group 'Red Bexar.'  "I just think they don't know it."


  National Democratic Party groups are bringing in hundreds of paid activists and using an organizing style left over from President Obama's two successful Presidential campaigns, are trying to mobilize what they see as likely Democratic voters like Hispanics and suburban women to support Democrats like Wendy Davis and Leticia Van de Putte.


  But Clark says those groups are just as likely to be fed up with 'Democratic overreach,' like the bungled Affordable Health Care plan, and decide to vote Republican in 2014.


  "I'd like to see a lot of younger people like me get into politics," he said.  "There is a lot of disconnect there. There is a lot of people who go to the voting booth and just pull the lever for somebody they have heard of, or somebody who they like their name or whatever.  I would like to have them really understand who, and what, they are voting for."


  One example of local Democratic 'overreach' that Clark says will convince traditional Democrats to consider voting Republican is the push by Democratic officials like Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff and VIA Metro Transit Chairman Henry Munoz, who most people don't realize is also the finance chairman of the Democratic National Committee, to ram an expensive, over budget and unpopular downtown streetcar down the throats of Bexar County residents.


  He says actions like that are the best advertisement he could have for why people should not support Democrats.


  Clark says Hispanics are also not the lead pipe lock that Democrats think they are.  He says many Bexar County Hispanics are naturally conservative and like Republican ideals of family values and conservative government.


  "I think Democrats are taking Hispanics for granted," he said.  "They are conservative at their core.  They just need to know what we believe."


  Clark hopes Red Bexar will help dispel 'myths' about Republicans which he says are perpetuated for political gain by liberals in the media, that the GOP is mainly a party for older Anglo Men.


  Even thought Texas is a reliably Republican state, the state's four largest counties, Bexar, Harris, Travis, and Dallas, voted majority Democrat in the 2012 election.


  Clark says while Progress Texas is working to turn rural Texas blue, and good luck with that, he'll be working to turn urban Texas red.