InCube Labs, which is a bio-tech start up which moved to San Antonio last year, says it will launch two new companies in San Antonio.


  Theracle is developing a combination therapy for the treatment of brain cancer known as gilomas, one of the most lethal forms of cancer.  iBridge Medical is developing a technology platform for enhanced disease management of patients with active implanted medical devices.


  Mayor Castro says San Antonio has a growing bio science industry, but we are lacking innovation like this.


  "We want this cluster of starts of companies that are enlivening our health care sector," Castro told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board.  "These new companies represent the 21st century innovation and high wage job creation that is fast becoming a thriving part of San Antonio's economy."


  Gilomas represent a clear unmet medical need as approximately 50% of patients die within 18 months of diagnosis, and current treatments are of limited effectiveness.


  "These companies will pay dividends in the end with other companies considering San Antonio because InCube Labs has already blazed the trail," Castro said.


  Mir Imran, whose firm has started dozens of companies, moved InCube to San Antonio In 2012.


  "Our new companies represent exciting opportunities to dramatically improve patient care," Imran said.  "In the case of Theracle, we have the potential to extend the lives of thousands of giloma patients each year, while minimizing serious side effects."


  San Antonio has been making a large effort through BioMed SA and other organizations to build the bio tech sector of the community.