Police say a triple stabbing on the city’s northeast side this morning began when Deann Kennedy, 35, tossed her boyfriend’s belongings into the garage and told him to get out.


  Police say Walter Skipper, 43, retaliated by forcing his way into Kennedy’s locked bedroom and started stabbing her.


  She fought back, hitting Skipper with a glass vase.


  Kennedy’s 16 year old daughter Kaytlynn tried to stop the adults from behaving badly, and police say she was also stabbed.


  Police say Kaytlynn was hurt the worst, because Skipper stabbed her twice in the chest.


  When police got there to sort out the bloody mess, they found Deann sitting in a chain in the driveway and Skipper inside in the kitchen naked.  Police didn’t say if Skipper was naked when the stabbings happened.


  Skipper is facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


  All three are hospitalized, Kaytlynn is in critical condition.