Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio say it's can be addicted to your smart phone...and many of us are.


  One hint...if you use your phone during sex---you're addicted.


  "Its so important to have access to things as soon as you want it, that you soon begin to give up other things," Dr. Don McGeary said.  "Even intimate time with your partner."


  Surveys show that more than two thirds of all Americans would feel 'naked' without their cell phones, and more people would go back home to pick up a forgotten smart phone than would return to retrieve any other item, even key items of clothing.


  McGeary says smart phones are changing the way our brains are wired, and the way we look at every single aspect of our lives.


  "What does this mean in terms of how we use and access things like long term memory," he said.  "If all I have to do is Wikipedia something if I want to know about history, why do I want to store it in my brain any more."


  Dr. McGeary recommends switching off the cell phone for a few hours each day and try to wean yourself from addiction to it...before it's too late.