DeLoss Dodds, who has been the Athletic Director at the University of Texas for an amazing 32 years, and who is credited with building Longhorn athletics into a financial powerhouse without equal in college sports will retire next summer, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Dodds, who has been the Texas Athletic Director since 1981, guided the Longhorns out of the Southwest Conference, helped create the Big Twelve, and later created the Longhorn Network, which brought $300 million in revenues and a guaranteed national ESPN audience for the university.


  Under Dodds, UT athletics have grown into the largest university athletic program in the country, with a $163 million annual budget.  UT has become a powerhouse not only in high profile sports like football and men's basketball, but also in women's basketball, and non revenue sports like college baseball, swimming and wrestling.


  Texas programs have won 14 national titles and 108 conference championships under Dodds' tenure.


  Dodds, who is 76 years old, will retire effective August of 2014.


  The timing of Dodds' departure is seen by many as an opportunity for beleaguered football coach Mack Brown to move into the AD job.  Calls for Brown's head have grown louder in Austin this football season as the Longhorn team has struggled.  Just this week, Longhorn legend Earl Campbell said it was time for Brown to step down as head coach.