Veteran San Antonio lawmaker Leticia Van de Putte says she ‘has to run’ for Lieutenant Governor to protect the middle class against a Republican Party which is trying to ‘out extremist each other,’ 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Van de Putte made her announcement, the worst kept secret in Texas politics, at San Antonio College.



  “I am not happy with how things are going,” Van de Putte said of her state.


  “Have you been paying attention to the Republican primary race for Lieutenant Governor?” Van de Putte asked a cheering crowd.  “It gets wackier every day.  They’re all trying to out-extremist one another, all four of them chasing after the most extreme five percent of Texans who control Republican primary elections.  To them, the rest of Texas families simply don’t exist.”


  Van de Putte said her priorities include transportation, blasting Gov. Perry’s appointees in the Texas Department of Transportation for proposing to convert paved roads in the Eagle Ford region into gravel roads.


  “This is as if they think we can grow a 21st century economy while driving on 19th century roads,” she said.


  She blasted ever rising tuition at state colleges, all of which are controlled by cronies of Gov. Rick Perry.


  “Funding for neighborhood public schools has been cut by billions,” she said. “Class sizes have swelled, and too often we’re losing our best teachers.  Texas is investing less in our school children than almost any other state.”


  She also blasted Perry for refusing to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, waging a ‘war on women,’ and work for policies which would expand the middle class.


  Van de Putte also said she would work for ‘meaningful immigration reform.’


  Van de Putte is the only Democrat in the race for Lieutenant Governor.