Via Metro Transit is declaring victory, but opponents of that controversial downtown streetcar plan promise they have many additional opportunities to scrap the plan, 1200 WOAI news reports.


A judge in Austin has opened the door to allowing Via to use money from the 2004 Advanced Transportation District bond issue to build two major downtown transportation stations, which will service the streetcar as well as busses.


Via Chairman Henry Munoz said the decision reinforces the public's faith in Via.


"Over the course of the last few weeks, people who don't even live in the city of San Antonio have referred to us as liars, as people with dishonest motives," Munoz said.


Via CEO Jeffrey Arndt says he knew all along that what Via was doing was legal.


"Aside from the basic fact that we are now able to move forward, I am grateful that the integrity of this process has now been informed," Arndt said.


   But Via opponents say the battle is far from over.


"Via transit's attorneys have prevailed in Travis County in their lawsuit against Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott," said Jeff Judson, an analyst with the Heartland Institute, a free market agency. "The judge ruled in favor of big government and more debt, and cast aside the promise to the taxpayers."


Judson says there are 'many more bonds, many more legal remedies, and many more county and city elections this year that can stop the streetcar in its tracks.'


"For the sake of the taxpayers and bus riders, we will continue the fight to stop Via and its political supporters from hanging this albatross around our necks," he said.