The Cibolo Economic Development Corporation is being asked to find a new location for a planned Super WalMat in Cibolo which has fired up residents in opposition, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  "What is going on right now has basically divided our community," Cibolo resident Rannya Steffens told 1200 WOAI news.  "It's rough."

  Residents of Cibolo have waged a loud campaign agaisnt the construction of hte new WalMart store in their community on a number of issues, but mainly because they are concerned that it will disrupt traffic and cause significant problems for an elementary school across the street from the site which WalMart is purchasing.

  "WalMart claims to be for the people, but it really isn't doing right by the people," she said, adding this is not about opposing WalMart generally.  She says Cibolo residents realize that WalMart provides good jobs and sells products that people who live in the Metrocom area want to buy.

  "We want them here, just not at that location," she said.

  The issue is not on the agenda for the EDC, so it does not have the authority to take action at today's meeting.  But Steffens says it should be an easy call for the Corporation to withdraw incentives for WalMart to locate at the site, and to provide incentives for the company to locate elsewhere in Cibolo.

 "Traffic there is bad enough as it is in the morning," she said.  "If you are going to add a WalMart with docking and loading facing the school where the kids are being dropped off, that is a no brainer."

  Anne Hatfield, a spokeswoman for WalMart, said the traffic problems will not be as serious as the residents say. 

  "WalMart is very friendly and is a very good neighbor to Texas schools," Hatfield said.  "In fact, one in five WalMarts in Texas is actually either adjacent to or within a block of a school." 

   She says the operations of the store will not conflict with the drop off of students at the school. 

  "The busy times for a WalMart store is in the midday and in the evening, which is opposite of the drop off and pickup times for a school," she said.