There are few things that Texans hold more dearly than their barbecue, and debates over who smokes the best brisket have started more than a few drunken fist fights. 

Today, Texas Monthly magazine is out with their semi-annual list of the 50 best places in the state.  It comes out once every five years.

"I've been scouting out places since 2012," their newly minted barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn tells 1200 woai news.  "We've covered 30,000 miles total and visited 600-some barbecue joints to put the list together.  This is not some random top ten list grabbed from the internet."

Two San Antonio restaurants made the cut.  The Granary, which has been open for about five months, is one of them.

"They take their barbecue pretty seriously, so people pay attention when this comes out," Owner Alex Rattray says.

The second was Two Bros BBQ, which is owned by acclaimed San Antonio chef Jason Dady.

"That's the list that I always reference, so now it's kinda neat that people will come to check us out," he says.  "It's a pretty big, stinkin' deal."

Vaughn expects they'll get the most grief over the admission of Smitty's Market in Lockhart, which has long been hailed as on the best in Texas. 

"We tried.  We gave them every opportunity," he explains.  "We went there three different times.  The brisket was tough as nails.  It broke one our our knives on one of the visits."

"When you put out brisket like that, it's not going to make the list."

The top four places will be revealed on Thursday.