Rescue pet advocates say homeless pups and kittens should be presented as sexy as a Lamborghini to place them in new homes.


San Diego's Mike Arms with the Helen Woodward Animal Center says sad tragic rescue pets and overcrowded shelters simply don't sell.


"We have to work with what's in the times. When Charlie Sheen was going through his shenanigans, and it was the hottest thing in the media, we took a litter of three puppies and named one Charlie and the other Divas," says Arm.


Which he says grabbed media attention and immediately got the pups homes.


"In our culture, we do more to advertise pizza and hamburgers, but what do we do to advertise and show these beautiful pets."


Most attempts to pass mandatory spay neuter measures fail. Arms says that just means more homeless pets dying tragic deaths.


"If we get enough politicians who love pets and are tired of wasting taxpayers on euthanasia instead of spay/neuter, not only do they save lives, they save pets."


He says it's simple math: the fewer animals born, the fewer that end up in shelters or on the streets.