"And we're getting a lot of
different species ... the floodwater
species that we usually
don't have during drought times
and we also have
more standing water so
that the regular species
is becoming numerous."

Keck says the added
number of buzzing pests are  because
of the recent rains with
the warmer weather.

"But the floodwater species
makes things
easier because you know
where you can target them ...
you know it's in areas
where it's flooded and the
water has gone down and
you can find those areas
easier," says Keck.

Solutions are the usual.

"You can spray for them but
that is short lived and it doesn't
last very long and you can drain
standing water but you can't
control what your neighbors
are doing so you will still
probably have mosquitos,"
says Keck.

Though if your
neighbors have standing water ...
the critters are happy to jump
the fence to come and bother you.