A paramedic in West who helped rescue the victims of the April 17th fertilizer plant explosion that left 14 people dead, and who spoke about the death of his friends at a memorial service, was arrested today and charged with possession of an explosive device, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Officials aren't saying if Bryce Reed is in any way connected to the explosion, but the Texas Rangers today did declare the explosion to be a 'criminal act.'


  That is good news to Jason Gibson, who is an attorney representing some of the victims.  He says since there is only $1 million in insurance available to the victims, declaring the explosion to be a crime would be their best hope at receiving compensation, through the Texas Crime Victims Compensation Fund, which is administered by the Attorney General.


  "I look forward to seeing whatever the results are from the investigation that is being conducted, and with litigation, we'll be doing the same thing," Gibson told 1200 WOAI news today.


  Officials indicated that the device in Reed's possession was a pipe bomb.


  The Texas Fire Marshal's Office has said that the ammonium nitrate stored in the plant was the fuel for the explosion, but the cause of the fire that caused the explosion remains unknown.