College graduates may find it difficult to land the jobs they want without knowing what hiring managers and recruiters seek in their potential candidates. Many college grads use common mistakes that can easily kill an interview that many do not know they are even doing.

      “Most employers out there, one thing they want to see first before education is their experience, have you actually done the job you are trying to get into?” says Everet Taylor recruiter for Rackspace.

      Taylor says that anyone applying for any position should have hands-on experience of what the job actually entitles. In employers minds in-classroom experience is not sufficient at all, which most college students usually put on their resumes.

      “If you put anything on your resume, make sure you can back it up, not just from a classroom standpoint but you used it outside of classroom, you know it in and out, some people would interpret that as lying.” Taylor added.

      Another reason for rejection letters to candidates is due to their lack of knowledge. Although these college grads have just received their degrees in a field, they must also invest time to research the company and the job they are applying for.

      “They haven’t done their research on the company they are applying to, they don’t know what the company does, they don’t know the company’s business is in the marketplace, and that’s an interview killer right there.” Taylor said.