Here are some do's and don'ts when seeing a dog trapped in a hot car. Animal Care Services Lisa Norwood says: first call for help.

"Call 311 or 911, there is also a
non-emergency number to call
207. 7484 or reach out to the sheriff's office if you are out in the county."

"It's law that a San Antonio police
officer or an Animal Care Services
officer can break into a window
to get to an animal that is in distress,"
she says.

hopes you'll leave your dog
home in these dog days ... as a hot car
is lethal to a furry friend.

"It is so hot outside that the temperature inside the car can get to a point quickly where the animal is put in danger,"
says Norwood.

If you can't wait, just be forewarned
that smashing the window
in yourself could bring about a robbery
charge for theft of a vehicle or civil suit damages, though some people may risk that to plead their case to the judge.