The latest thing to drive you to the poor house is, of all things, Halloween candy!


  1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez reports the price of Halloween candy will give you sticker shock this year, with the prices of some types of candy double what they were last fall.


  "The price of sugar has gone up, the price of transportation and fuel have gone up," said Shannon Rinaldo, a professor of marketing at Texas Tech University.  "But the main issue is at Halloween, demand is higher for the candy and supply is low, and any time you have high demand for anything, the price goes up."


  She says the average family participating in trick or treat will shell out $75 bucks for candy this year.


  She says driven largely by the spike in candy prices, many families with kids are spending less on Halloween.


  "They are choosing where to spend that money differently," she said.  "A lot of people are deciding to make their customers rather than buying them.  They are trying to get more bang for their buck."


  Halloween continues to be a major economic generator.


  "The average adult costume costs about $30, and the average kids costume is between $20 and $25."


  Rinaldo says this is the first Halloween since before the start of the Great Recession that people are actually spending less on the holiday, which has quietly become one of the biggest retail holidays of the year.