A San Antonio Police Officer opened fire on a fleeing suspect overnight following a violent carjacking on the city's northwest side.


  It began about 10 Sunday night when three men pulled a gun on a driver at a car wash in the 2300 block of Vance Jackson. 


  The three thugs assaulted the driver and stole his white Honda Civic with racing stripes.


  But things started going bad for the carjackers from the start.


  While the trio was speeding down Vance Jackson trying to get onto Interstate 10, they passed a Police Officer who noticed them speeding and tried to pull them over.  Instead, the men gunned the accelerator and led police on a chase down Vance Jackson, onto Interstate 10, and up West Avenue to the Arbor Place Apartments in the 3500 block of West Avenue, which is just north of Dresden Street.


  At that point, the carjackers ditched the stolen vehicle and tried to make a run for it.


  One suspect was captured behind a convenience store, and as another tried to climb over a privacy fence he appeared to be reaching into his waistband.  That prompted the officer to pull his service weapon and fire one shot at the fleeing man.


  The shot apparently missed.  The two remaining suspects ran into an apartment.  Police entered the apartment and arrested a second man.  The third man is still at large.


  The suspects are facing aggravated robbery and felony evading arrest charges.  The officer was not hurt.