Police are looking for five people who were in a van that careened out of control on a north side street this morning and slammed into a home, 1200 WOAI's Morgan Montalvo reports.


  Police say about 2:30 this morning a mini van carrying five people was rocketing down Woodlawn Avenue at an extremely high rate of speed.


  When the vehicle got to the McCullough intersection...it skidded across the intersection, plowed through the front yard of a home in the 2400 block of McCullough, smashed through the front door of the home, and then caught fire.


  Nobody in the home was hurt, but the reaction of all five of the people in the van was to get out and run away as fast as they could.


  Firefighters quickly put out the fire.


  Obviously, police know full well who the owner of the van is and they are confident that they will be able to find the driver and the occupants, none of whom was apparently badly hurt.