An east side woman needs to watch her back...because somebody definitely wants her out of the way.


  Police were called to the MLK Food Mart at Spriggsdale and Martin Luther King Drive on the east side last night for a report of a drive by shooting.


  When they got there, they found that gunmen in a black SUV had opened fire on an SUV in the parking lot, riddling it and another car with bullets and smashing the windows of the convenience store.


  Nobody was hurt, and police questioned witnesses, including the woman in her thirties who owns the SUV that the gunmen were targeting.


  About two hours later, after police were done with their investigation and had left, the woman was getting into her car to drive away, when the same black SUV drove by again and opened fire on her for a second time.


  The woman was treated for cuts on her arm caused by flying glass but she was not shot.


  Detectives say the shootings may be gang related.  The SUV used in the shooting was found abandoned several hours later.