A woman is under arrest after she allegedly opened the back door to a San Antonio Police Department patrol car and allowed her boyfriend, who was sitting there pending arrest for drunk driving, to escape, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Police say a patrol officer pulled over the man on suspicion of DWI about 12:30 this morning near Irma and 42nd Street on the city's west side.

 The suspect's girlfriend, who was in the passenger seat at the time and was not intoxicated, asked the officer if she could call her mother to come pick up the car, instead of having the vehicle towed to the impound lot, which is standard procedure in drunk driving cases.

  But when she stepped away to make the phone call, the woman walked up to the back seat of the patrol car, opened it, and allowed the boyfriend, who was still handcuffed, to run away.

  The woman was arrested on charges of facilitating an escape form legal custody, a felony.

  The boyfriend is still on the loose and, when they arrest him, he will face felony escape charges in addition to DWI.

  And the car ended up being towed and impounded anyway.