The first woman to be court martialed in the Lackland Air Force Base sex with recruits scandal has been sentenced to three months in prison, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Former Staff Sergeant Emily Allen was also reduced in rank to Airman First Class, and sentenced to an additional thirty days hard labor.


  Allen pled guilty of having unprofessional relationships with four technical training instructors while she was Military Training Instructor at Lackland in 2011.


  Allen was accused of having a sexual relationship with one male trainee, attempting a sexual relationship with a second male trainee, and having 'social relationships' with two female trainees, all of which are prohibited by the Uniform Code of Military Justice.


  Her lawyer argued that Allen was being 'thrown under the bus' by commanders who have been 'intimidated' by Air Force and Congressional investigators into filing charges against every MTI they can find, to save their own jobs, and to show how committed the Air Force is to dealing with the issue of sexual assault in basic training.


  Allen was the 18th MTI to face court martial.  More than 60 individuals have come forward to claim they were the victim of sexual or inappropriate abuse at the hands of military training sergeants at Lackland since 2002.