Its game five tonight in the AT&T Center for the Spurs and the Warriors, critics blame missed free throws for the Spurs weekend loss.

      78-year old world Ted St. Martin currently holds a world record for most consecutive free throws made without missing. A title he’s held on to since 1972, and one that’s helped him earn the title of “free-throw guru.

     He said if the Spurs want to win tonight, missing free throw isn’t an option.

     Basketball is a game of finesse,” St. Martin said. “That's what the entire game is, putting that ball in the hoop it's not so much about the slam dunks… free throw shooting has always been finesse.”

     St. Martin has broken his own record 15 times, and since 1996 still stand. He made 5,221 baskets to be exact... in a row.

     A difficult feat he says anyone could accomplish if they go back to basic fundamentals.

     “The free throw is an upper body shot, which a lot of shooters don't understand,” St. Martin, said, “Players tend to bend their legs too much… I bend my legs very little, only enough to coordinate the upper body…that’s all you need.”

      You can have the best shooters in the world, the winner in the NBA playoffs will be the team who makes their shots behind the line, St. Martin said.

      “The Spurs are a solid team all around, fundamental wise,” he said. “But in a game each team probably has 20 to 30 free throws to shoot… if they only make 50, 60 or even 70 percent there’s a big difference… but if they’re making 90 percent, that'll win the game.”