New personality profiling software could be used by employers to narrow down the people who are right for the job interview.

     IBM developers have created a software that can pin-point your personality traits psychologically by analyzing your Twitter account.

      “The content and context of your tweets can tell others or a machine what your personality type is," said  Chris Kraft, CEO of Sharerocket Inc. and social media expert. "The accuracy they are claiming are very stunning, 80 percent correlation.”

      Researchers claim that words that are most commonly used on one’s Twitter account can reveal their character traits. They found that people who use words such as ‘we’ or ‘family’ tend to be more caring, and those who use words such as ‘words’ or ‘school’ tend to be more of an individualistic character.

      “In the age of social media and you leaving a data trail, as a consumer, there’s so much data  out there that’s available to marketers and to others," Kraft said. "It really makes you wonder if you should engage in social media or not.”

      The software, which is still being tested, will be able to place you within one of the five categories that employers casually seek such as extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness.  

      “Where this ends up in the [human resources] world is anybody’s guess," Kraft said. "Social media still is the wild-wild-west from an HR perspective and the labor laws really have caught up with the technology.”

      With social media continually growing in today’s market  employers are lookig for new ways to tap into the social networking world to sort through job seekers, he said.