Republican governor candidate Greg Abbott has released the first TV ad of his general election campaign.

  It's in Spanish.

  In the thirty second ad, which will run on Univision during the highly anticipated Brazil-Mexico World Cup soccer match, Abbott's Hispanic mother in law and sister in law talk about meeting Abbott for the first time, and realizing that he is 'some one special,' and a person of 'faith, family, and honesty.'

  "The story of my family mirrors the story of Texas," Abbott said.  "We are multi cultural.  The vision that I've outlined in my campaign is one that unites all Texans, regardless of race, religion or ZIP Code, the same way my family has been united.  As governor, I will fight for a better future for all Texans."

  Abbott has been blasted for once referring to the Rio Grande Valley as having the problems of a 'third world country.'

  But the Abbott campaign also sees opportunity in the Hispanic vote. Democrat Wendy Davis lost several key Rio Grande Valley precincts in the Democratic primary in March to a little known perennial candidate with a Hispanic surname.  The state's overwhelmingly Catholic Hispanic population is also not excited about Davis' reputation as a defender of abortions and abortion clinics.

  The Abbott ad includes his in-laws talking about him as being 'someone that we can count on.'