San Antonio police says the reason they were able to catch a 23 year old contractor at San Antonio International Airport for stealing from luggage is because the crime is committed so infrequently, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Chief William McManus says even a handful of complaints of items missing from checked baggage set off alarms.


  "There was a search warrant served on his residence, they found about $20,000 worth of stolen merchandise from the airport," McManus said.


  He says Calvin Arrington has been charged with theft.  He was a contractor working for a company that processes checked baggage at the airport.  Even though he worked in a secure area, he is not engaged in security work.


  "Because we had a spike (in reported thefts) for a short time, we kind of suspected who it was," he said


 McManus says officials conducted a 'sting operation' and found Arrington red handed.


  "The incidents of people having things stolen from their bags is very very low," he said.


 McManus aid the investigation had been underway for 'about a month.'