They're running out of 'Help Wanted' signs in Balcones Heights.

  In the past year the Police Chief has been fired, and the Fire Chief, City Finance Director, and now the City Administrator have all resigned.

  Mayor Suzanne DeLeon, in comments to reporters this morning, called it a 'bump in the road.'

  "We are going to be able to get past it," she said.

  DeLeon said there is a 'divided' city council, with some council members who have 'tried to hinder city administration.'

  "We have a majority that wants our city to move forward, so I think we'll be all right," DeLeon said.

  The departures began after a Balcones Heights Police Officer, who allegedly had ties to a prominent prison gang, was murdered outside his tattoo shop in Balcones Heights.

  The Police Chief was fired for not moving quickly to deal with the officers alleged gang connections.  The City Administrator is the latest to leave, DeLeon said she urged the Administrator to stay but she decided against it.

  DeLeon conceded that the problems with the city may have an impact on the city's economic development.

  "I'm sure there will be some, and so it is our role to make sure that we get our city solvent and back on track, and focusing on services to our citizens."

  She said Balcones Heights has a balanced budget for the forthcoming year, and she says competent people are in charge of the police and fire departments.  She says citizens of Balcones Heights have not expressed major concerns about the departures at City Hall.

   There may be one more departure.  DeLeon herself is the Democratic nominee for Bexar County Clerk in the November election.