An off duty Balcones Heights Police Officer was shot to death after he was ambushed as he closed up his tattoo business at Hillcrest and Babcock, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "He was walking out of a business here on Hillcrest, and best description we have, two masked gunmen were waiting for him, and he was shot multiple times," San Antonio Police Sergeant Joe McKinney told 1200 WOAI news on the scene.


  "Right now we don't have any information on why the shooting happened or the identity of our suspects," McKinney said.


  The officer, identified by officials as Julian Pesina, 27, was closing a tattoo business called Notorious Ink, which he owns with his brother, when the shooting occurred.


  Police don't know if the ambush was part of a robbery, or if the officer, whose name has not been released, was attacked for some other reason.